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Wisconsin Guardianship Association—Who We Are

The Wisconsin Guardianship Association provides a forum to exchange ideas, provide education and continue open communication for groups and individuals interested in providing or furthering guardianship services.

The Objectives of the Organization Include:

Promotion of relevant public policy • Advocacy • Research • Development of standards and ethics for providing guardianship services

Our members strive to improve services to the growing number of individuals in need of guardianship. These individuals include (but are not limited to) the elderly, those with a chronic mental illness, a developmental disability, physical disability or traumatic brain injury. Membership is open to all individuals or organizations interested in guardianship. Members are welcome to attend all quarterly board meetings. Members are also provided with quarterly updates regardless of attendance at board meetings. Feel free to contact any representative or officer for further information.

Sharing Ideas On:

Benefit Programs • Court Reporting • Disposal of Property • Record Keeping • Computer Programming • New Legislation • Public Relations • Legal Issues

A Guardian Is...

  • Court-appointed and bound by statute
  • An advocate for the ward
  • A surrogate decision-maker
  • A coordinator of services
  • A financial planner

A Guardian is Not...

  • A caregiver
  • A companion
  • A service provider
  • A warden
  • A reformer
  • A savior
  • A substitute family

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